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Celebrating Success: Amy Williams, Elm Square Oyster Co.

Small businesses are at the heart of everything we do here at BusinessBlocks. In our new series, we celebrate and highlight the brave visionaries who work day in and day out to turn their dreams into reality. Read Amy Williams’ story about taking her appreciation for food and putting it into practice at her newly-owned restaurant, Elm Square Oyster Co. in Andover, Massachusetts. 

Workers’ compensation 101: A guide for small business owners

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of our discussion on workers’ compensation with Matt Zender, Vice President of Underwriting at AmTrust Financial. Watch the video below for the full webinar.

Short-term loans: Q&A with Justin Kulla

What are the advantages of short-term loans for small businesses compared to alternatives? What are the disadvantages? 

6 essential tips to improve your website user experience

By Laura Damkoehler, Director of Product Design at BusinessBlocks User experience design thinking can be applied to almost everything. Consider the user experience at a restaurant. When you walk in the door, how easy it is for you to know who to talk to? How do you find a seat? How quickly are you attended to? How do you make a meaningful order?

Worried your business will get audited by the IRS this year? Here are 5 ways to avoid it

It’s tax season! And that means many small business owners will be rummaging through old receipts to build a clear picture of their company’s finances over the past year. Even if you’re hiring an accountant to do most of the work, it can turn out to be a bigger task for even the most responsible and organized person.