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How to Effectively Manage Small Business Expenses

Imagine a kid after a long Halloween night of Trick-Or-Treating. They've collected a huge loot of candy and when they get home they have to figure out how and when to eat it. Do they eat it all at once, or save it over a long time? Perhaps they only eat it on the weekends. It's a big decision!

Are You Paying Yourself Enough? 3 Things to Check Before Giving Yourself a Raise

There are many reasons for an entrepreneur to start a small business and salary is not usually the prime motivator. Obviously, everyone wants to earn a fair wage but the challenges and satisfaction of running your own business often trumps the desire for an immediate large payout.

Do You have the Guts to Sell? These 5 Steps Will Get You Over Your Phobia

You've started your business and you believe in your product--now you have to sell it. Enter- sweaty palms and racing heart. You were confident in taking the plunge in starting a business from scratch and yet you are uncomfortable with selling.

4 Tips for When Your Business Is Strapped for Cash

In our recent webinar with NerdWallet, we met a customer whose business was doing well. He had moved his shop into a bigger space, and he expected to see an increase in customers and sales. What he did not expect, however, was falling into a cycle of debtfrom working with the wrong lender. Unfortunately, his story, like so many others, is all too common for entrepreneurs strapped for cash.

60% of Small Businesses Don't Use Email Marketing--Don't Be One of Them

Email marketing. Yawn. Endless digital marketing agencies will try and sell you that emailis passe and to succeed as a small business you need to have a robust Snapchat and Instagram strategy. Well, plainly, they're wrong. Unless, of course, your business is only focused on teens.