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Why Making Sure Your Accountant Is Good Should Be Your Top 2018 Priority

One of the most important decisions that you will make as a small business owner is the selection of an accountant and tax advisor. It is can also be one of the most intimidating decisions for most small business owners. This is a relationship that extends beyond just bookkeeping and will provide guidance and advice as your business grows.

Small Business Sales Calls: Why It's About Quality and Not Quantity

The lifeblood of a small business is sales. Whether you own a jewelry store like my parents or a restaurant, you're number one concern is likely figuring out the best way to reach customers. Plenty of consultants and blogs will tell you that you should double down your efforts online and on social.

7 Important Tips to Follow When Creating a Budget (and Avoiding Pitfalls)

For many businesses, budget is a dreaded word. For small businesses, sometimes it's entirely foreign. As a small business owner you have many hats to wear and budgeting doesn't make the top 50 list. Even if you believe it is a good thing to do, it is the business equivalent of going to the gym after the big Thanksgiving meal: "a smart thing to do, but maybe it can wait for tomorrow".

5 Tips Why Trade Shows Are Worth the Expense

Sooner or later you will wonder if you should attend a trade show. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research states that "trade shows contribute more than $80 billion annually to the U.S. gross domestic product". That's a lot of business - may be some of it can be yours.

How to Effectively Manage Small Business Expenses

Imagine a kid after a long Halloween night of Trick-Or-Treating. They've collected a huge loot of candy and when they get home they have to figure out how and when to eat it. Do they eat it all at once, or save it over a long time? Perhaps they only eat it on the weekends. It's a big decision!