"The team has an immense amount of passion for helping others, and it's very contagious."

We believe in the power of Main Street.
We believe in the power of You.

There is a reason small businesses are considered the powerhouse of the American economy: two out of three of us work for one and more than 500,000 new ones are started each year. We are driven by our expertise in something we love – be it guitars or coffee, cars or dentistry – to strike out on our own and share that passion.

We know small businesses

Justin Kulla, our founder and CEO, is the son of small business owners himself. He started the company in 2015 to bridge that gap, providing a means for small business owners like you to build up your knowledge and learn the skills to make your business succeed.

Meet the Team

Today, we're here to demystify business fundamentals with easy-to-use online education, tools, and resources to help small business succeed. Join us and see for yourself how powerful you can be.

Justin Kulla


Ben Alisuag

Director Instructional Programs

Mark Vega

Instructional Designer

Julia Van Arsdale


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