"Adding just one more customer - the course paid for itself"

What's the value of one more sale in your business?

MainStreet Marketing

All businesses wish they had more customers but a wish without a plan won’t help your business. In MainStreet Marketing, you’ll devise a modern online marketing plan to help you turn that wish into reality.
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Lesson 1: Defining Your Business Purpose and Target Market

Identify the characteristics and behavior of your most valuable customers

Lesson 2: Branding for Small Business

Create a brand brief to guide your regular communication with customers

Lesson 3: Pricing Strategy to Achieve Your Goals

Determine the price strategy best for your business

Learn how to use the web to sell to your customers and find more leads

Lesson 4: Improving Your Online Presence

Audit the effectiveness of your website, and create a plan for improving conversion rates

Lesson 5: Email Marketing

Create effective, action-oriented emails that your customers will want to read

Lesson 6: Communicating with Your Customers Online

Develop a social media schedule, and learn how to create content marketing that will keep your customers coming back

Lesson 7: Finding New Customers through Digital Ads

Learn how to launch your first digital advertising campaign

Finding customers in person

Lesson 8: Events, Conferences, and Partnerships

Master your “elevator pitch” so you can sell to partners, and at events and conferences

Putting it all together into a marketing strategy

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Your Coaches

With help from a marketing expert and a success coach, you'll finish the course with a stronger toolset and a stronger business.

Jessica Smith, Marketing Coach

Jessica Smith has over 17 years experience building and leading marketing teams in Silicon Valley and coaching small businesses throughout the U.S.

Ben Alisuag, Success Coach

Ben has nearly a decade of experience as an educator, trainer, instructional designer, and leader in learning development.