Manage All Your Employee Benefits with Zenefits

03/03/2017 | by Mark Vega

Zenefits bills itself as an “all-in-one HR platform for small business.” So what exactly does this mean for you, the average small business owner? Do you want a platform to easily manage payroll, employee time tracking, or hiring and onboarding? The Zenefits platform might just be for you. Zenefits brings together many human resources related processes in order to eliminate, they claim, “thousands of hours in administrative work.”

Is too much of your time eaten up by administrative tasks? Are you looking to get back to the important stuff, like engaging customers? Consider how Zenefits can help you streamline many of the things that take you away from the things you love.

Zenefits also addresses one of the major pain points businesses face—attracting quality employees. Today’s employees are demanding more of companies. Gone are the days of negotiating over salary. Potential hires want things like robust and flexible insurance coverage, commuter credits, or life and disability coverage. We’ll talk a little about each of these below before discussing how Zenefits can help you offer these benefits to your employees.

Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage

Most employees would consider medical, dental and vision coverage must-haves when considering whether or not to jump onboard with a company. Through Zenefits, you can offer plans tailored to the needs and location of your employees. Zenefits offers thousands of insurance plans from over 250 nationwide providers.

And, when it comes to managing plans, signups, and renewals, Zenefits can take a lot of the aggravation out that, too. Get quotes quickly when choosing between plans. Zenefits also cuts down on a lot of the tedious paperwork when it comes to renewing plans. Employees can also monitor their coverage and its details using a convenient online dashboard.

Finally, if you use Zenefits to administer payroll and hiring, Zenefits will share information between these “apps” and the benefits app.

Commuter Benefits

In an ideal world, employees could make it to work in 5 minutes without having to spend an hour or more commuting to work. We don’t live in that ideal world yet, however. Zenefits offers commuter benefits geared today’s working world.

Commuter benefits help your team save money on mass transit and parking. The savings come from the ability to set aside pre-tax contributions for these commuter activities. It’s easy to sign up, too. New employees can do it in minutes online and the Zenefits mobile app makes it easy to keep track of their contributions, as well their other employee benefits.

Life and Disability Insurance

Employees want more than just comprehensive insurance coverage. They also want the peace of mind that comes from coverage for unforeseen emergencies. Offer your employees life and disability coverage through Zenefits.

Like the medical, dental, and vision coverage we discussed earlier, Zenefits makes it easy for your employees to monitor their coverage online. An online document library stores insurance-related documentation for each employee. The renewal process is also streamlined.

These are just some of the benefits you can offer to attract employees and ensure they stick around. Offering these perks has increasingly become the norm. Employees expect them and will often choose a position based on the benefits offered in addition to salary.

Zenefits makes it easier than ever to offer and administer benefits. If you’re still on the fence about Zenefits, they’ll send you an guide to modern benefits that discuss:

  • Benefits packages offered at different budget levels
  • A introduction to which benefits are most popular with employees
  • A roundup of insurance providers and how to choose between them

You can request a copy of that guide here. Isn’t it time to offer your employees the benefits they deserve?